Treatment Plan

If your complaint can be treated through Chiropractic, then the chiropractor will draw up a treatment plan with you. The chiropractor will indicate what the expected recovery is and how she intends to achieve this with you. In most cases, a short period of intensive treatment is required, which is gradually reduced in consultation with improvement. The number of treatments and the frequency of treatment can differ per complaint and per person. The treatment consists of 3 phases:

1. Intensive Phase

The patient receives frequent treatments (usually twice a week). In this phase, most corrections are made and the freedom of movement of the spine is restored and the complaints are significantly reduced. The course of complaints is usually still volatile.

2. Stabilizing Phase

 This is the “fine tuning” phase to achieve optimal recovery. Further decrease of the then still mild complaints. The patient can resume his daily life, i.e. sports and gradually resume and/or expand work.

3. Maintenance and Prevention Phase

The chiropractor will gradually reduce the number of treatments to create good stability. The periods between the treatments vary per patient (nature of the complaint, condition and age). By maintaining the body well, the risk of recurrence decreases and the patient maintains optimal freedom of movement and better health.