RSI is short for “Repetitive Strain Injury”. This is a collective name for problems of the wrist, elbow, arm shoulder and/or neck. The problems are usually caused by repetitive movements over a long time. At the early stage, patients often complain of tiredness, tingling, stiffness or loss of feeling in the fingers or hand. Carrying out their daily activities becomes increasingly more difficult. In the next phase, the pain becomes a limiting factor and patients may experience loss of strength. In serious cases, patients may even suffer pain while resting and keeping still.

Treating RSI starts with finding the underlying cause of the problem. This is often not at the location of the pain, but elsewhere. Apart from the wrist and elbow, the chiropractor will also examine the shoulder and neck for any blockages. By removing these blockages, the nervous system can start to work again.

Apart from the treatment itself, the chiropractor will also advise patients on the correct work posture, creating a good work space, micro-pausing, and straining the body.