Pregnancy Related

Chiropractic During Pregnancy

People in our practice regularly ask whether you can also receive chiropractic treatment when you are pregnant. The answer is yes!  Not only can you be treated; it even has advantages if you are treated by a chiropractor while you are pregnant.

Chiropractors can correct abnormalities in the spine and pelvis and ensure optimal freedom of movement. Because special techniques are used, pregnant women can be treated until the last day of pregnancy.

Studies have shown that women have less pain during labor and a shorter delivery time when treated by a chiropractor during pregnancy.


Pregnancy causes many changes in the body. As the hips expand to stabilize the body and the muscles and ligaments in the pelvis soften in preparation for delivery, pressure is put on the pelvis. This can cause a functional imbalance in the pelvis.  Chiropractic care, through the use of gentle and effective techniques, restores pelvic function and can help relieve pain.

Baby Position

Many of the ligaments around the developing fetus attach to the mother's pelvis or spine. Some dysfunction in these areas can cause different, uneven ligament pressures. This can reduce the space available in the womb and could limit the baby's ability to reach the optimal position.

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can improve the functioning of the lower back and pelvis to maximize space in the abdominal cavity.

Our chiropractors are trained to apply the Webster Technique. This is a technique specifically aimed at treating pregnant women with the aim of bringing more balance to the pelvis. This can make it easier for the baby to adopt an optimal position (for example from a breech position) for delivery and also increase the chances of a smooth delivery.