Newsletter June 2024


Free Screening for Kids

On Wednesday August 21 and 28, we will hold a free screening for children (up to 18 years old) in the practice. Does your child have back pain, headaches, growing pains or a sport injury? Are you concerned about your child’s posture or motor development? Does your child have learning or concentration problems? 

The chiropractor will do a short screening and explain the treatment options. There is also the option to see a balance test and test with our Interactive Metronome (more info:

You can register via or by telephone on 070-5176505.


Our chiropractors follow interesting seminars every year. In addition, they meet twice a year with other fellow chiropractors in an Intervision group. Intervision is a learning method in which colleagues with a similar background discuss work situations, led by a discussion leader. The main goal is to jointly come with fresh insights or possible solutions in order to further improve the expertise and the quality of care.


Chiropractor Imke van Loon is on holiday from Monday 24 June to Friday 5 July. During her holidays the practice will be closed on Monday afternoons.

Chiropractor Margreet Leemhuis is on holiday from Monday 22 July to Friday 9 August. During her holidays the practice will be closed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

10 Travel Tips

Summer is approaching and for many the holidays are the coronation of this. People often start their holidays full of enthusiasm, but complaints still arise during this period of rest. In practice, we see many people who have developed complaints due to travel, other activities, different beds, etc.

1. Maintain overall a good condition throughout the year. This can be done by walking, cycling, exercising or specific exercises. Especially if you are going on an active holiday, a good condition is very important (e.g. mountain biking, hiking, sailing, rafting, etc.).
2. During longer journeys, a regular break is necessary (at least every 2 hours). It is better to stop regularly for short breaks than to take one longer break.
3. Make sure you vary your posture, e.g. by doing exercises or take a walk during breaks. Even on an airplane you can stand up or walk back and forth in the aisle.
4. Pay attention to your sitting position, especially in the car, it is important that your knees are not higher than your hips for a long period of time. For example, use a cushion to sit on or as support for the lumbar region.
5. If necessary, take your own pillow with you on holiday, so that you do not suffer from poor neck posture.
6. During the journey, do not put your wallet in your back pocket, as this will cause you to sit at an angle.
7. Do you have acute complaints while on holiday? You can easily find a recognized chiropractor in Europe on the website
8. Many people suffer from back or neck pain after lying flat on their stomach at the pool or on the beach for a long time. Lying forward and on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on your neck and lower back. So avoid this position.
9. Keep track of your daily exercises even while your on holiday. 
10. Be careful with drafts/cold! Especially in warmer countries, using air conditioning or driving with a window open is very tempting. But watch your back/neck! Especially if the differences in temperature are large, or if you are slightly sweaty.

In short: Keep moving regularly, change your position, and pay attention to drafts/cold.

If you have any questions or if you have any complaints after the holiday, please contact the practice.
We wish you a good and healthy summer period.