Lower Back Pain


Backache or lumbago is the collective name for all sorts of painful back problems. At least 80% of the population will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their lives. Back pain can manifest as various types of pain: from a nagging, continuous pain to sharp pains in the back, to shooting pains in the legs.


To have a better understanding of the cause of low back pain it helps to understand the anatomy of the spine. The lower back consists of 5 lumbar vertebrae. On the front side there are cartilage discs between the vertebrae. At the back there are small joints (facet joints). The lumbar spine has to endure stronger forces than any other part of the spine and is therefore particularly sensitive to injuries and degeneration.


Low back pain can be caused be:

  • Poor posture.
  • Accidents and falls.
  • Lack of mobility.
  • Degeneration (arthritis).
  • Emotional stress.