Coronavirus Update (ENG)


Updated 29/9/20

Face Masks Mandatory
It is now mandatory for all patients aged 13 and older to wear a face mask in the practice. If you do not have a face mask with you, the practice will give you one.

Clothing During Treatment
In the coming period we will continue to work with the windows open. Because it can feel a bit fresh in the treatment room, we advise you to keep a little more clothes on. Preferably flexible pants or leggings and a shirt or T-shirt. Prefer not to wear tight jeans and thick sweaters. Don’t forget to bring your own towel.

Not Feeling Well?
If you are feeling unwell, have cold or flu-like symptoms, please give a call and reschedule.

And we ask patients to come alone if possible, and to immediately wash their hands with soap in the bathroom upon entry.

Measures Taken by Chiropractie Wassenaar

  • Windows and doors will remain open as much as possible.
  • Chiropractors will wear face masks at all times.
  • Treatment table will be disinfected after every patient.
  • We will allow a maximum of 3 adults to be waiting for their appointment inside the waiting room. If you arrive and see 3 people waiting, please let the assistant know you are there and wait outside.
  • Doorknobs and the pin machine will be disinfected regularly throught the day.

Please note these precautions are here to keep our patients and employees safe.