Chiropractor Margreet Leemhuis’ Illness

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Margreet will only work half days the next few weeks due to health issues. She will need surgery in the near future and then be absent for an undetermined period to recover. For now, she will concentrate on patients that require lighter physical work, such as children and neck treatments.

Hopefully you can understand that Margreet does not wish to discuss her own health with every patient during the consultations. We thank you for your understanding.

Starting next week, Chiropractor Imke van Loon will join our team (read about her below). You will be notified shortly if your treatment will be taken over by either Kersti or Imke.

The schedule for the next few weeks:

Monday:      9.00-12.30 Imke             13.30-17.30 Margreet

Tuesday:      9.00-14.00 Kersti           13.30-17.30 Margreet

Thursday:    13.30-17.00 Margreet    17.00-21.00 Imke & Kersti

Friday:         10.00-14.30 Margreet

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