Chiropractic is a very effective and safe treatment method for children. The chiropractor will choose gentle techniques adapted to the age of the infant. There is no age requirement; babies can be treated shortly after birth.

Spinal problems can be caused by a wrong position in the womb, a difficult birth or a very fast birth. This can cause a blockage in the upper neck vertebrae. Early signs of such a blockage can be:

  • persistent crying
  • colic
  • excessive vomiting
  • reaching for the ears
  • feeding problems
  • tendency to hyperextend
  • KISS syndrome
Margreet Leemhuis, Chiropractor
Pilar Sánchez, Chiropractor

KISS stands for “Kinetic Imbalances due to Suboccipital Strain”, in other words that disorders in the development of a child can occur as a result of blockages of the upper neck joints. This usually presents withexcessive crying combined with an asymmetric body position. Our chiropractors are very welltrained to diagnose and treat KISS. Usually 4 to 5 treatments are enough to restore normal spinal function.